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Improved Environment Sound

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Enhanced Ambient Sound ATS

Comprehensive features overview:

– The mod includes an additional approx. 250 high-quality sounds and new menu music for ATS;
– Integrates realistic sounds for AI vehicles and new AI car horn tones, derived from actual vehicles;
– Upgrades the sounds of truck windshield wipers to high quality;
– More in-depth and realistic refueling and trailer hitching sounds;
– Features new high-quality rain, internal rain and thunderstorm sounds;
– New high-definition raindrop graphics and enhanced wet-windshield appearance during rain;
– Integrated genuine train noises, including railroad crossing semaphore sounds;
– Incorporates new yawning sounds for male/female drivers;
– New sounds for garage interiors and garage entrance;
– Many new ambient sounds added for urban and forest environments;
– Revitalized ambience noises for all corporations;
– Removed and replaced some sounds, added many new ones for various in-game objects (movers);
– New sound effect for the photo mode camera;
– Enhanced look of road reflections during rainfall.

Caution!!! This mod was tested with ATS ver. 1.1.x. It should also operate on earlier versions!

Instructions for Installation:
1. Extract the scs file from the downloaded archive to the ATS mod directory;
2. Activate this mod in the mod manager;
3. Enjoy the game!
Notice!!! To experience all the new music, the -force_mods command must be included.
This can be accomplished by creating a game executable shortcut and adding -force_mods in the “target” area. Alternatively, select “Set launch options” in your Steam game library, right-click on ATS properties, and insert -force_mods into the blank section.

Version records and update log:
– 19.03.16 Version 1.0. Original release.


All my mods are accessible for free download and will be disseminated in the same manner in the future as well. Nevertheless, if you value what I’m doing and wish to aid my work, you may donate any amount through PayPal at this email address: [email protected]
All contributions are entirely voluntary! Every donation makes a difference! Thank you!

Kindly refrain from uploading this mod to other file-sharing platforms and retain the original link!
You can reach me via email at: [email protected]

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