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Louisiana Raceway Remix

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Experience the Revamped Louisiana Raceway for ATS

RickPP has taken it to a whole new level, but we have added the cherry on top of his magnificent masterpiece. Louisiana Raceway now features a garage where you can conveniently get your truck repaired right in your own driveway, among many other improvements. The party in the French Quarter is wild, with the police heavily patrolling to maintain order. We have addressed the issues with the old garage in New Orleans by removing the trees inside the building and eliminating the obstacle that prevented you from accessing the back of the garage. However, please note that Louisiana Raceway is no longer free due to the extensive upgrades and hard work invested by RickPP and 508Studio. It is now available for $25, and trust us, it is worth every penny. This fantastic mod has just gotten even better!

This map is designed for ATS v1.3 and requires Mantrids Coast to Coast v1.8 to run smoothly. If you have the previous version, simply replace it with louisiana_raceway_v1.2. It offers the same thrilling experience with added fixes and upgrades.

RickPP Mantrid (custom billboards & technical help) 508Studio for the Remix upgrade
SiSL’s Mega v 2.3 Pack
Freightliner Coronado Modernization + Supplement

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