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Freightliner Coronado Modernization + Supplement

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Enhancements to Freightliner Coronado ATS

The Peterbilt cabin is now available for purchase.
You can now register truck orders and agencies in the gallery.

-Added a 5-speed gearbox.
-Replaced the two engines with more powerful options:
cat13_380 with 1500 hp
cat15_500 with 2000 hp
-Introduced 13 new skins.

New Tabernacle Names and Authors for Freightliner Coronado:
1. Leeanna Vamp – Freightliner Coronado: Grinder
2. Avatar – Frightliner Coronado: LG Truckerlady
3. Aeroflot – Freightliner Coronado: serega22
4. TLESgames – Freightliner Coronado: TLESgames
5. Knight Rider – Freightliner Coronado: LG Truckerlady
6. Over The Top – Freightliner Coronado: LG Truckerlady
7. B62-UPS – Freightliner Coronado: Bobbo662

New Additions:
1. DHL – Freightliner Coronado: Lucasi
2. UPS No Stripe – Freightliner Coronado: Lucasi
3. UPS With Stripe – Freightliner Coronado: Lucasi
4. Monster Energy – Freightliner Coronado: BarbootX
5. B62-CORONADO FTLR DHL TS 01 – Freightliner Coronado: JJET, Bobbo662
6. Red Bull – Freightliner Coronado: BarbootX
+A themed trailer for Freightliner Coronado Monster Energy has been added by BarbootX (with two minor errors).

Log is perfectly clean!

The authors of the model: Stas556, dmitry68, Nekit73rus , Kriechbaum, knox_xss. other: TLESgames, Idamasce, Jean-Pierre, Lucas Candido. Skins Authors: “Western Stornms Transportation Inc” – David Otto, Joe Smith “Bison Transport” – Bison Transport Bug fixes, upgrading and modification to version ATS 1.3.hh: groningen263
Louisiana Raceway Remix

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