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Local Radio v 1.23.0 Mod

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ATS Local Radio v 1.23.0 Mod

What’s new in this version:
This version includes support for the New Mexico DLC. Over 70 new stations have been added to all cities in the New Mexico DLC.


ATS/ETS2 Local Radio allows you to listen to radio stations based on your current location in ATS. Experience true immersion as you drive through Roswell and hear radio stations from that area, or drive in San Diego and listen to radio stations from there. The mod will automatically switch between stations based on your location, and you also have the option to manually switch stations while driving. You can switch stations using the web interface, keyboard, controller, or mobile phone.

ATS Local Radio features over 300 radio stations that you could realistically tune in to if you were driving in that specific city. It does not include stations that are not available over FM or AM in those cities, such as TruckersFM. However, you have the ability to add those stations yourself if desired.

Supported maps:

ATS: California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Viva la Mexico.

It is available in more than 20 languages!

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