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Klaas’ Economy v 1.2.0

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Klaas’ Economy v 1.2.0 ATS

All rights reserved to Klaas. Please refrain from reposting this mod. Contact: [email protected]. Use the contact address for reporting bugs or making suggestions.

General features:

  • The minimum income for Quickjobs is approximately $0.40 per mile, and for Freightmarket jobs, it is at least $0.70 per mile.
  • AI drivers will earn a minimum of $0.30 per mile.
  • A new loan system has been implemented, which increases your loan limit with each level (up to $2,000,000).
  • There are realistic limits for driving and sleeping time.
  • The fuel discount for garages has been increased to 20%.
  • The truck refund value is set at 75% of its original value.
  • Experience gain has been reduced, making it harder to level up compared to the vanilla game.
  • Due to low income, saving fuel and having good fuel economy skills will be crucial.
  • Until level 9, you will have to take Quickjobs due to limited funds. At level 9, your bank loan limit will allow you to buy a stock truck.
  • Insurance will be of utmost importance as even regular tire damage can affect your profit. Keeping insurance costs low is essential for maximizing profits.
  • Fines have been reduced, but they still pose a threat to your earnings.
  • The frequency of police encounters has been decreased.
  • Fines will not be doubled if a police car is near you.
  • The probability of getting fined has been reduced in some cases, especially when a police car is not in close proximity.


  • Income has been adjusted to reflect real-life values.
  • Bonuses have been reduced to prevent excessively high income at high levels.
  • The daily payment for bank loans has been reduced.
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