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Introducing the Kenworth Phantom V1.0 + Trailer 1.28 Mod

Ready to enhance your American Truck Simulator experience? Look no further! The Kenworth Phantom V1.0 mod is here, along with the Phantom Trailer 1.0 and modified engines. Designed specifically for ATS, this mod offers a range of exciting features to enhance your gameplay.

Let’s take a closer look at what’s included in this mod:

– New shapes added to the truck and trailer, giving them a unique and stylish appearance.

– The Phantom Trailer 1.0, a specially designed trailer to complement the Kenworth Phantom truck.

– Modified engines for improved performance and power.

– The five-speed transmission from Westend Star 5700, created by author Stewen, offering a smooth and realistic driving experience.

– Enhanced sounds of tires on different surfaces such as asphalt, gravel, sand, and grass, for a more immersive gameplay experience.

– The ability to purchase the Kenworth Phantom truck in the cabin and showcase it in the gallery of trucks.

This first version of the mod may have a few minor errors in the log, but they do not affect the overall functionality of the model or the game.

Not only does this mod offer exciting visuals and features, but it also provides a range of customization options. You can fully customize your truck with a variety of tuning options, including magnificent instrument panels in the cockpit salon, stunning backlighting, and chrome wheels for added style.

In addition, the Phantom Trailer 1.0 is now present in the traffic, making your journeys on the road even more realistic. You can also apply other skins to the trailer to further personalize your trucking experience.

The Kenworth Phantom V1.0 + Trailer 1.28 Mod is a collaborative effort, with various authors contributing their talents and expertise to create this impressive mod.

– Bansheewoj: Models of the truck, trailer, and wheels

– B4RT: Trailer parts, miscellaneous, and definitions, along with LED lighting

– Lucasi, Pauly, Georgiaboy: Skins for the truck and trailer

– SlavikSD: Traffic registration

– losevo58: Correction and modification for ATS version, engine pack modifications, and adding sounds of tires on different surfaces

– Br3ss4n: Cummins ISX15 Real Torque Curve For Phantom engine pack (changed)

– AMT, Quattrophobia, B4RT: LED lighting

– SCS: Internal base for the truck

– Kris-Man, carlo @ grabcad, 12BANANA21, batuhan383, Josh, Kreichbaum, Guidot, KwDriver, Piva, Snipers, Steve, Rowan, Corby, Quentin, Arlan6, GT-Mike & RJL: Various contributions to the mod

If you’re ready to take your American Truck Simulator experience to the next level, download the Kenworth Phantom V1.0 + Trailer 1.28 Mod and enjoy the exciting features and customization options it has to offer!

Truck model, trailer, wheels: Bansheewoj Internal base: SCS Import and Assembly in ATS: AMT Internal textures and parts: AMT (Quattrophobia) Steering wheel: Kris-Man for an amazing “Excalibur” wheel model Speakers: carlo @ grabcad Parking sticks: 12BANANA21 Red & Blue Gauge faces: batuhan383 Skins: Lucasi, Pauly, Georgiaboy Sounds: Josh, Kreichbaum Gearboxes: Guidot & KwDriver Control Panel: Piva Modified by Quattrophobia LED & Lighting: AMT, Quattrophobia & B4RT Engines: Snipers, Steve, Rowan, Corby, Quentin Engine Piping: Arlan6 Glass Materials: GT-Mike & RJL Trailer parts, miscellaneous and definitions: Great Dane B4RT Correction and modification for ATS version losevo58 Adding sounds of tires on asphalt, gravel, sand and grass: losevo58

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