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KAMAZ 6460 [TUNING] FOR 1.29.X Truck

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The KAMAZ 6460 [TUNING] for 1.29.X truck is available for purchase at the Peterbilt showroom. This updated version includes various fixes and improvements, such as:

  • Fixed animation error in the interior.
  • Resolved crashes in the interior and dashboard.
  • 1 cabin option.
  • 1 interior, with fixed crash issues.
  • 1 chassis option.
  • 3 engines, with increased power.
  • 11 transmissions.
  • Advanced tuning options.
  • Metallic paint available.
  • Original KAMAZ wheels.
  • Real KAMAZ sound.
  • Improved camera in the interior truck.
  • Fixed physical truck and chassis.
  • Fixed texture bugs.
  • Added new camera.
  • Corrected tuning options.
  • Tank size increased to 1500 liters.
  • Added more company options.
  • Added desktop icon.
  • Several bugs fixed on 07/01/2018.
  • Fixed shadow under the chassis on 07/01/2018.
  • Fixed tuning on 07/01/2018.
  • Changes made to the description on 09/01/2018.

This truck has been tested on versions 1.28 and 1.29 of the game.

– Original Author: Koral, Lexan, vovangt4. – Updates for ETS2: Kamazist_1980.
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