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International 9800 v 1.01 Hotfix Mod

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Mod Hotfix for International 9800 v 1.01


This revision rectifies a glitch with the interior mirror that results in an unseen exterior cabin.

Primarily, if you appreciate my mods and wish to back them, consider becoming a patron via Your contribution counts. With your assistance, I can produce more superior quality content.

Enumerating all the tuning options is something I will refrain from, given their myriad number. My suggestion is to meticulously observe all the upgrade points in the truck config menu as their function isn’t always crystal clear.

Should you experience crashes in the truck config menu while playing ETS2, they might be due to the absence of the Accessories DLC. Personally, I was unable to recreate this fault on my system/never experienced any issues with it.

The item can be procured at the Peterbilt (ATS) or Volvo (ETS2) dealership. Index of UV template is included in the archive.

Compatibility tested on game version 1.30.x. The OpenGL (Macintosh) rendition of the game does NOT have support, I will not accommodate requests to rectify this as I neither utilize OpenGL nor am a consumer of Apple products.

Additionally, there is a log warning indicating a nonexistent phys collision model for the Galaxy CB cord. This is because version 1.30 introduced unpredictable cord behavior I was unable to resolve, leading to the elimination of the collision definition in the .sii file. If you wish to avoid these warnings, simply refrain from installing the Galaxy CB in your truck.

A HUGE THANK YOU TO MY BACKERS listed below, in random order (both Patreon and PayPal):
Major backer Rick Eggers
Thomas Parham
Evgeny Shmidt
Jared Jackson
Joseph Thorne

and numerous others

Please value the effort put into my work, do not repost to mod sites outside of or The small amount I earn from uploaded files helps offset costs. I am not building a fortune from this.

Enjoy and have a great time!

Cities Expansion v 1.4 (C2C Compatible Version) Mod

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