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Cities Expansion v 1.4 (C2C Compatible Version) Mod

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Cities Expansion v 1.4 (C2C Compatible Version) ATS Mod

V1.4 (C2C) includes the following improvements:
– Added Fort Sumner city and US 84
– Fixed issue with discovering Santa Rosa city not functioning properly
– Fixed the invisible wall in McDermitt
– Fixed flying vegetation in McDermitt

I am also sharing one of my private mods that I created a few months ago, which adds new small cities with additional drop-off points!

To install the Cities Expansion mod:
This is a standalone map mod and does not require the US 50 & CA 99 mod to work!

You will need to have the New Mexico DLC installed for it to work!

You must choose only one version! Select V1.3.1 (C2C) if you are playing with the C2C map mod, or choose V1.3.1 if you are not using C2C!

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