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This modification significantly enhances the textures and materials for all standard truck interiors and exteriors. It incorporates glass in front of the dashboard, different animating automatic and manual gear shifters, as well as animated steering wheel columns for all included trucks. Additionally, the mod offers the choice for interiors with automatic or manual gear shifters and includes an animation for the interior light switch, beacon, and 4-way flasher. It provides a 1800-degree rotation animation for the steering wheel, improved lightmasks, and working interior lights for all trucks. The pack includes the option to enable or disable the built-in GPS and introduces new animations for integrated navigation displays. The Cobra 29LTD cb radio can be installed, customizable with various front panel themes and backlight colors. Moreover, the mod offers dashboard backlight, the option for MPH or KMH speedometers, and new windshield wiper modes. It is compatible with SISL’s accessories megapack and features other minor enhancements.

The mod has only been tested on version 1.29.x and not on preceding versions.

Additional Information:
1. The Cobra cb radio’s front panel theme can be self-customized by editing the following texture:
2. To use SISL’s accessories mod with this pack, only install the main mod and avoid installing the SCS Trucks addon for ATS.
3. If this mod is to be used alongside my physics mod for ATS, ensure that this mod takes higher precedence.
4. By default, the steering wheel animation is set to 1800 degrees. It can be modified to the default 900 degrees by editing the defvehicletrucktruck_nameinterioranimations.sui and animations_auto.sui files and altering s_wheel1800.pma to s_wheel.pma.
5. To install interior lamps, click on one of the upgrade “circles” located on the truck roof. The lamp can be activated by pressing the same button assigned to the beacon (O by default).

Changelog for Version 1.3.1:
This version introduces varied animated automatic gear shifters for all vanilla trucks, along with animated steering wheel columns, and offers options for interiors with automatic or manual gear shifters. The update includes an animation for the interior light switch, beacon, and 4-way flasher, as well as a 1800-degree steering wheel rotation. It also introduces working interior lamps for all standard trucks, among other minor adjustments and enhancements.

AlexeyP, SCS Software
Mexssimap v 0.5.1 Mod

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