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Improved Truck Physics V1.7 ATS
This mod enhances the physics of ATS trucks, making them more realistic and challenging to drive. It provides a greater sense of truck control and introduces changes to the driver’s body movement physics, resulting in less static movements. Additionally, the mod adds five new modes for windshield wipers, allowing players to choose from a selection of intermittent and long/short modes. Various adjustments have been made to the truck behavior, such as changes in cabin weight, brake efficiency, autocentering speed of the steering wheel, rotational wheel resistance, air resistance, clutch strength, retarder effectiveness, chassis suspension travel values, and overall damping force. Furthermore, the mod incorporates the possibility of tire slip, modified chassis files for numerous truck mods, wear for chassis, cabin, engine, transmission, and wheels, and updated physics for vanilla and Jazzycat trailers. This mod is compatible with ATS version 1.4.x. Please ensure that you use the original download link for installation.

Installation Instructions:
1. Extract all files from the downloaded rar-archive to a temporary folder.
2. Copy BASE.scs to the MOD folder.
3. Depending on your preferences, copy the required truck/tandem/trailer mod files to the MOD folder.
4. Open the in-game mod manager and enable all copied mods. Please refer to the “correct mod installation” chapter in the readme file for proper physics mod installation.
5. Start playing ATS and enjoy the enhanced truck physics!

“Correct Mod Installation”
The main mod file (BASE.scs from the “Base” folder) can be installed with any priority. However, it is recommended to install it with the highest priority to prevent interference from other mods.
Mod files for truck mods and Jazzycat trailers (from the “Others” folder) must always be installed with a higher priority than the mods they are intended to be used with.

All my mods are available for free download and will continue to be distributed this way. However, if you appreciate my work and would like to support it, you can make a donation via PayPal using the email address: [email protected]. Please note that all donations are voluntary. Every contribution is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Klaas’ Economy v 1.2.1

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