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Klaas’ Economy v 1.2.1

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This is the Klaas’ Economy version 1.2.1 for ATS. Please note that all rights are reserved to Klaas, so do not repost this mod without permission. If you encounter any bugs or have suggestions, please contact [email protected].

General features:

– The minimum income for Quickjobs is around 0.40$ per mile, while Freightmarket jobs offer a minimum of 0.70$ per mile.

– AI drivers will generate a minimum income of 0.30$ per mile.

– A new loan system has been implemented, allowing for an increase in your loan limit with every level (up to 2,000,000$).

– The driving and sleeping time have realistic limits.

– The fuel discount for your garage has been increased to 20%.

– The refund value for your truck is set at 75% of its original value.

– You will gain experience at a slower rate and leveling up will be more challenging compared to the vanilla game.

– Due to the low income, saving fuel and improving your Fuel Economy skill will be of great importance.

– Until reaching level 9, you will have to take on Quickjobs as you won’t have enough money. At level 9, your bank loan limit will allow you to buy a stock truck.

– Insurance will play a crucial role in managing your expenses. Even simple tire damage can pose a problem, so keeping insurance costs as low as possible is essential for making a profit.

– Fines have been reduced, although they still pose a threat to your earnings.

– The frequency of police encounters has been decreased.

– Fines will not be doubled if a police car is nearby.

– The probability of getting fines has been reduced in certain cases, especially if there isn’t a police car near you.


– The price of a small garage is now 100,000€.

– The price of a big garage is now 180,000€.


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