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Government Access Tunnel V1.1 Map

Version 1.1 Released:
– Removed unnecessary lower levels and expanded the main hub to accommodate 5 tunnel entrances.
– Added a tunnel from Broken Arrow central hub to Miami.
– Included 2 fuel stations and 3 rest areas.
– Fixed existing rest areas.
– Corrected the 35mph speed limit in the I10 Atchafalaya Basin bridge area.
– Added Everglades marsh road to Miami.
– Completed town of Broken Arrow, OK.

Did you know that the government has secret cross-country tunnels all over the US? These tunnels are private roads with no AI traffic and are invisible to GPS. This means they do not interfere with the aesthetics of the main map when viewing it. Additionally, rest stops are conveniently located along the tunnels, allowing you to sleep on the road without having to search for a rest stop. This project was created by the same person who brought you the famous “Tail of the Dragon” in Coast to Coast v1.7. Although these roads are invisible on the map and GPS, they are definitely there and can only be found by sight.

The entrance/exit points of these tunnels are as follows: the west coast entrance/exit is in Las Vegas, Nevada, the central midpoint is northeast of Oklahoma City on I44 (Broken Arrow central hub), and the east coast entrance/exit is in Raleigh, North Carolina. You can either watch my videos to find the entrances/exits or try to locate them yourself.

The speed limit in these tunnels is a thrilling 110mph! (Note that Kenworths may not be able to reach this speed). While the ride may be long and boring, you will reach your destination quickly. As an added bonus, I have also included some Interstate 10 scenery replacements to C2C v1.7 in my home state of Louisiana and Mississippi.

1. Atchafalaya Basin bridge with swamp.
2. Huey P. Long bridge in New Orleans and replaced levees.
3. Mississippi Gulf Coast Beaches (also known as US90).

Requirements: Coast to Coast v1.7 by Mantrid
Tested on 1.2 Game Version

Government Access Tunnel v 1.2

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