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Ford F150 SVT Raptor 1.2 Mod

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Ford F150 SVT Raptor 1.2 Modded Version

This special version of the mod has several differences compared to other versions.
* The vehicle has tweaked sounds, with the cabin sound being less clear compared to the outside.
* Unusual passenger car sounds while driving are blocked.
* The machine has been adapted for the game by removing unnecessary details and simplifying the texture modification, making it lighter and using fewer hardware resources. Heavy modifications often lead to game lag and decreased FPS.
* The engine, gearbox, and chassis have been fine-tuned to match the real-life prototype. This option does not significantly affect the default physics, except for parameters related to air resistance. It does not affect the physics of trucks and their behavior on the road, allowing you to use the machine alongside trucks.
* The machine is available in the studio and can be painted in any color.
* The car has a clean windshield version, as opposed to the sink version with darkened corners, to avoid distractions.
* Besides the car navigation upgrade, no other upgrades can be made. However, this results in cheaper repairs and a more realistic driving experience, which is crucial for a car simulator.

Version 1.2
* Fixed a bug related to road reflection in the windshield.
* Added imitation tire pressure. Since the game uses “wood” material, the tires in the vehicles do not deform. To improve stability on the road, the tire model is replaced by an invisible wheel of smaller diameter. The visible wheel slightly sinks through the texture of the road but still retains the properties of the material, providing better grip and adding realism in terms of visuals.

Authors FH, Elaman, Matroskin, ATSturbo
Foggy Weather v – Edition

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