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Foggy Weather v – Edition

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The newest version of Foggy Weather is now available. After taking a break for about six months due to real life problems, I am back and have good news for you all. I understand that the community has different opinions on the amount of fog that should be present in the game. To address this, I will be releasing some beta-sandbox versions of my Foggy Weather mod in August. You will have the opportunity to test them out, and the one with the most votes will become the new Foggy Weather 1.7.

This modification includes several features:

  • Foggy/smoggy weather near the west coast
  • Foggy weather in the desert
  • Sandstorms in the desert
  • Cloudy/light rainy weather near the west coast and desert
  • Realistic temperature changes during fog, smog, or sandstorms

Foggy Weather v requires American Truck Simulator (1.3.xs) and is expected to be compatible with all future maps.

ChangeLog []

  • Compatibility with version 1.3.xs

ChangeLog [1.6.3]

  • Added a lite variant for players who prefer less intense sandstorms and fog

ChangeLog [1.6.2]

  • Added low fog variants during early mornings near the west coast
  • Added more variations of stronger sandstorms in the desert
  • Increased occurrence of sandstorms during midday (10 a.m.-15 a.m)
  • Improved appearance of the sun during sandstorms
  • Adjusted color of stronger sandstorms
  • Enhanced lighting during fog or sandstorms

ChangeLog [1.6.1]

  • Fixed skybox bug during early mornings
  • Corrected description
  • The version number is now displayed in squared brackets
  • Added loading bars
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