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ATS Fontaine Phantom 48X102 V1.0

The ATS Fontaine Phantom 48X102 V1.0 is a trailer mod that represents the most common version of the discontinued all-aluminum flatbed trailer known as the Fontaine Phantom. This particular mod features a length of 48 feet and a width of 102 inches, with spread axles.

This is my first trailer mod for ATS. It is a significantly improved version of my original mod for 18WoS:PTTM. The ATS Fontaine Phantom 48X102 V1.0 is a standalone mod that incorporates existing base game cargoes when appropriate. It includes a variety of original cargo models created by myself, as well as some adapted from the base game flatbed trailer. The mod is designed to be well-balanced with the game’s economy, ensuring that it doesn’t flood the job market and that the loads pay reasonable amounts compared to the base game content.

The mod supports advanced coupling and the trailer picker, where cargoes are shared with the base game flatbed. I plan to continue adding and improving features in future updates, as I have done with my other mods.

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