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Double Sn4k3r Edit 2.0 Trailer

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Introducing the Double ATS Sn4k3r Edit 2.0 Trailer.

After reading the comments, I have made some modifications. Firstly, I have adjusted the advancing coupling, so let me know if it is not working properly. Additionally, I have fulfilled the request of adding new chrome wheels. For those who previously had trouble with the trailer not appearing in the game, I have resolved the issue by adding a new cargo. Finally, I have included various company-specific paintjobs.

Here’s a summary of what’s new:

1. New chrome wheels
2. Improved advanced coupling
3. Added paintjobs
4. Introduced new cargo

Now, I would like to address Freddy Jimmink. Freddy, my mod has only been uploaded here for less than 24 hours and you have already created a pseudo edit of it, which you shared in your Facebook group. Your excuse for the edit is supposedly the compatibility issue without the DLC, which is completely false. Are you being silly on purpose? Adding a “company” folder will not make a mod compatible. Compatibility lies within the game engine itself. You are simply trying to gain attention. So, please stop underestimating others. It is players like you who ruin modding and make many mods private.
By the way, dear Freddy Jimmink, do not forget to edit this new version as well and share it in your Facebook group 😉

Sn4k3r, RTA
AI Traffic Pack by Jazzycat vB 2.5 Mod

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