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The WABASH DURAPLATE V1.0 Skin has been reworked to enhance its features and appearance. It is important to keep the credits and original link intact. This skin is a part of the Wabash Trailer Rework, which offers several improvements. Some of the noteworthy features of this reworked version include a baked texture, unit reefers, and a dryvan design.

The skin package includes a total of 35 different skins representing various companies from the United States and Canada. Here are some examples of the included skins: DAY & ROSS (Old Logo), CRETE CARRIERS, WALMART, BIG G EXPRESS, CALARK, and GORDON TRUCKING. Other companies such as MESSILA VALLEY TRANSPORTATION, NUSSBAUM, HIGHLIGHT, SWIFT, and MAY TRUCKING (Rust version) are also featured in this collection.

Please note that all the skins in this package are based on real-life companies from the United States and Canada, both old and new. The reworked skin is compatible with version 1.4.x of the game.

Credit for the original 18 wos mod goes to Ivan Zvada Jr. (aka Hardtruckisthebest), Matthew, Eclipse Rims, James60470, SCS, Superman, and Chris. The conversion for ATS Trailer was done by B4RT, while the skins were created by B4RT as well. It is requested not to reupload the mod on other file hosting platforms and to maintain the original link.

In this release, only the two-axle version without skirts is available. However, next week, a version with skirts and a tail will be released. Additionally, every two weeks, packs containing seven new skins for this trailer will be released. Efforts are also being made to make the older skins compatible with this pack.

Ivan Zvada Jr. aka Hardtruckisthebest, Matthew, Eclipse Rims,James60470, SCS, Superman, Chris.. B4RT
Real Company Box Trailers V2.0
AI Traffic Pack by Jazzycat v 1.6

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