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USA Trailers v1.0 Pack

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USA Trailers v1.0 for Pack

USA Trailers pack v1.0 by David Corley, Solaris36 & Stewowe.

David Corley (Trailers skins)
Solaris36 (Revised, reworked, cargos, pack & configuration)
Stewowe (Trailer model)

Modifications (by Solaris36):
Gathered all trailers skins in one mod.
New cargos.
Lowered prices (more realistic).
Added all trailers to a.i. traffic.
Added license plate light.
Added side blinkers lights.
Modified light mask.
Modified axis width.

Only trailers: Eagle, wolf and Pumpkin not included. Are custom skins. You can find separately.

David Corley, Solaris36, Stewowe
Pete 389 Big Shot Skin
Real FedEx and UPS package van skins

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