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USA Offroad Alaska v1.6 By Rob Viguurs Mod

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USA Offroad Alaska v1.6 By Rob Viguurs Mod

Remember, sharing this mod on any other platform or website is forbidden unless granted permission! Editing this mod is allowed strictly for individual use. If found uploading your edited version, a warning will follow. Repeat offenders will result in the discontinuation of public updates and news, which will then only be available privately on our Facebook group!

We appreciate your download of the map.

This Map has been crafted by Rob Viguurs.

Update details: Addition of a New city: Prudhoe Bay! Adjustments in Draw Distance, and T prohibitions in the southern region of the map for easier configurations.(Anticipate more cities and road development!)

A map having the module accompanies realism in time and km, but isn’t compatible with any other maps.

Alternatively, a map void of a module doesn’t alter game realism in time and km, and is compatible with other maps, permitting use on last profile.

Instructions for Installation:
Step 1: Assiduously peruse this readme.
Step 2: Position USA offroad Alaska map v1.6 by Rob Viguurs in your documents -> American truck simulator -> mods.
Step 3: Initiate the game and establish New Profile!
Step 4: Enable the mod.
Step 5: Select the game MODULE “USA offroad road” (Failure to select the game module will cause map malfunction) (The game module can be located at the bottom of your screen upon selecting your truck and name etc.)
Step 6: Begin game play.
Extra Tip!: Implement the economy mod v0.3, this is solely compatible with module! Utilizing this with NO MODULE version will result in short but overpriced deliveries. This is specifically tailored for MODULE version.
Keep in mind, THE ECONOMY MOD IS OPTIONAL hence not essential for the map mod operation.

Installation Guides for NO MODULE version:
Step 1: Diligently read the readme.
Step 2: Place USA offroad Alaska map v1.6 by Rob Viguurs in your documents –> American truck simulator –> mods.
Step 3: Launch the game.
Step 4: Turn on the mod.
Step 5: Get into the game play.

For additions info, assistance or to reach me directly: [email protected]

Enjoy your trucking journey.

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