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Introducing Trucks Physics V1.8 for 1.6.X+ specifically designed for American Truck Simulator.

Please note that in the video, if you see the truck jumping around, it’s because I activated the Suspension on the Viper Peterbilt 389 Chassis folder. If you would like to have a similar effect, provide me with the link to the truck you use the most and let me know what type of suspension you want, and I will customize it for you. However, please note that this customization may take some time.

Hi guys, this physics mod enhances the transmission feel and suspension in the game.

#For the transmission:
– The only change made is a decrease in clutch friction from 065.0 to 5.0, specifically for Manual H shifter mode.
– I have also made adjustments to the torque. When you decrease the torque value, it will affect the torque of your truck. To address this, I have set it back to 1.0 so that you have 100% of the torque number and adjusted it for the scaling of the flywheel.
– The heavier the flywheel, the slower the RPM will drop, similar to a stock flywheel compared to an aftermarket lightweight flywheel in the car industry.
– Please note that this is a work in progress for Sequential and Automatic modes, so there may be some changes in the values.
– The goal is to make the transmission changes smoother.

#For suspension:
– Now, both the trailer and truck can roll and pitch separately up to 30 degrees in both directions.
– This means that if the truck rolls on a bump, only the truck itself will roll, not the trailer and the truck together. The trailer will stay in its normal position but can still pitch or roll, so be cautious.
– The suspension has been slightly softened compared to the stock physics.
– This means that the truck will bounce a bit when going over a bump, providing a touch of realism.
– Additionally, the cabin will now shake when you go over a bump or other uneven surfaces.

#Other Physics
– I have also adjusted the mass of the truck and wheels.
– The truck’s mass has been reduced from 2300 to 1800.
– The wheel mass of the truck has been increased from 200 to 300.
– Now, the tires are able to slip, resulting in potential understeer or oversteer of the truck.
– Please note that this is still a work in progress.

The goal of this mod is to provide a more realistic driving experience. Although I haven’t driven a real truck in real life, I have gathered information from YouTube videos to create this mod.
While it is recommended to use this mod with a steering wheel and clutch pedal for optimal experience, it is still compatible with other controllers as well.

Trailer Pack by Omenman v 9.0 Skin

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