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This modification alters the suspension and transmission feel of the truck.

#Regarding the transmission:
– Only the viscosity of the clutch has been lowered (was 1.0, now is 0.5) This is strictly for Manual H shifters.
– The sequential mode’s clutch viscosity remains stock (1.0).
– An additional change is that the RPM now decreases more gradually compared to the original physics. (was 1.0, now is 0.46)
– Comparable to a stock flywheel as opposed to an aftermarket lightweight flywheel. (Related to cars)
– Work In Progress (WIP) status for Automatic Transmission mode.
– The Automatic mode, whether real or not, has enhanced smoothness now.
– It’s like driving a real automatic transmission car.
– For automatics (real or not), the transmission may shift or bypass gears when going at mid/full throttle. However, the Sequential mode performs excellently (it is still in WIP for Auto and Seq mode).

#As for the suspension:
– The truck and trailer can now roll and pitch independently up to 30 degrees in both directions.
– If the truck rolls over a bump, only the truck will roll, not the trailer along with the truck.
– The trailer maintains its default position (it may pitch or roll, so be careful)
– The suspension is slightly softer than the original physics.
– This means that the truck will bounce back a bit when hitting a bump (Not excessively as before)
– It adds a touch of realism.
– Now you can see the truck shaking in the cabin when you go over a bump or some other object.
– The improvement is still in progress, I work on it twice a week and post an update around the 3rd or 4th week. It might depend on if SCS update their physics files !

The aim of this modification is to transform the “worst” physics into a “real feel” physics. Even though I haven’t driven an actual truck in real life, I am doing my best to create this experience based on Youtube videos.
This mod is recommended to be used with a steering wheel and clutch pedal, but it is also compatible with other controllers!

Heavy Cargo v 3.0

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