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This modification alters the engine braking and flywheel inertia. It is important to note that the engine braking is not the same as the jake brake. Rather, it refers to the amount of time the engine takes to brake before reaching idle speed (usually around 500 RPM). This mod works with all trucks and the latest version (1.2.x).

I highly recommend using this mod with a steering wheel that has a clutch pedal, but it is still usable without one. These Transmission Physics have been tested on a Pet 379 EXHD with a 3406E engine producing 375HP and 1920 torque. The truck had a 3.40 rear differential and was towing a heavy trailer weighing approximately 50,000lbs. If your truck has less than 400HP, it is not advisable to tow a trailer weighing more than 80,000lbs, as the truck may struggle to handle it.

US 50 & CA 99 EXTENSIONS V1.4.4.1 I-80 I-580 FIX
US 50 & CA 99 Extensions v 1.4.3 Map

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