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The TOMTOM TRUCKER 6000 NAVIGATOR V1.1 for ATS is a navigation mod that brings some exciting changes. In version 1.1, the textures have been rebaked for better quality. Additionally, a protective glass has been added in front of the LCD screen for added durability. The materials used in the mod have also been improved for a more realistic look.

One significant change is the decrease in device size by 10%. This reduction in size makes the navigator more compact and easier to fit into different truck models. Speaking of truck models, the mod is compatible with both vanilla trucks and many modded trucks. The mod includes a high-quality 3D model and HD textures to enhance the overall visual experience.

When it comes to installation, the TOMTOM TRUCKER 6000 NAVIGATOR V1.1 can be easily installed in the windshield slots of the truck. The mod offers three positions to choose from: default, rotated left, and rotated right. However, it’s important to note that the integrated GPS will be disabled for vanilla trucks.

The compatibility of the mod is guaranteed with the game version 1.30.x. Please note that compatibility with previous game versions is not assured. The mod is free to download, and if you appreciate the creator’s work, you have the option to support it monetarily through PayPal.

Lastly, it is strictly prohibited to reupload the mod to other file hostings or use any parts of the mod without the creator’s approval. The TOMTOM TRUCKER 6000 NAVIGATOR V1.1 mod was created by AlexeyP in 2018 and is a registered trademark of TomTom NV.

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