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TomDooley’s Enhanced Kenworth T680/T880 1.29

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TomDooley’s Upgraded Kenworth T680/T880 1.29 for ATS

They say that when people start stealing and copying your work, it means you’re doing something right. Well, here we are again. I don’t want anyone to re-upload this, but unfortunately, some careless individuals won’t bother to comply.

A big THANK YOU to Ric Callahan, who put in a lot of hours pushing me to make things presentable.

Credits go to 349hugo, Pendragon, Viper, Aradeth, Ohaha, Solaris, GT-Mike, and Shin2044 for their contributions and inspiration. If I happen to forget to credit someone, please send me a message on the SCS forum, and I’ll rectify the situation.

This mod has been tested on versions 1.28 and 1.29beta. If you are also using my Pete 579 mod, ensure that the one you intend to use is placed above the other one in the mod manager. There is a texture conflict that I hope to resolve in the future. Furthermore, the interior lights are not working in version 1.29beta. It is uncertain if they will be functional again. In the meantime, use this mod as is. If I discover a solution to restore the interior lights, I may release an update.

You can only download this mod through sharemods. If you find it on a different hosting site, it is an unauthorized copy or simply a fake. (This has actually happened!) The original release will be available a) and b) through Freddy Jimmink’s ATS & ETS2 Old School Skins and More group. Please don’t ask for other download options, as I will not provide them. And if you do happen to find some, you know the risk involved. Not my upload, not my problem if you end up downloading something malicious. Just a friendly warning.

Tom Dooley, 349hugo, Pendragon, Viper, Aradeth, Ohaha, Solaris, GT-Mike,Shin2044
US 50 & CA 99 v 1.8 Mod
Cities Expansion v 1.1 (C2C Compatible Version) Mod

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