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Suspension and Transmission Physics Update V0.3

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In this update, we have made some significant changes to the suspension and transmission physics in ATS.

Firstly, we have made the suspension stiffer compared to the previous update. This will result in a more stable and controlled ride.

Additionally, we have made improvements to the transmission system. Engine braking now takes more time to go to idle, providing better control and smoother deceleration. Furthermore, the clutch has been made easier to use for those who have a clutch pedal, enhancing the overall driving experience.

If you have a truck with a horsepower ranging from 500 to 650, you will particularly benefit from the engine brake improvements.

We have also introduced a new feature where the trailer can roll left and right independently of the truck, with a maximum angle of 10 degrees. This adds a realistic touch to the gameplay.

The suspension has been made stiffer for both the truck and the trailer. While work on the trailer suspension is still in progress, the truck’s suspension is now more rigid. In some instances, you may even find your truck driving on five wheels!

Important to note is that this update does not include any changes to the trucks themselves. It is solely focused on fine-tuning the physics through .sii folders, such as the suspension, traffic, and other related aspects of the game.

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