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Survivor Mod Skin

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The Survivor Mod Skin tells the inspiring story of Chris Anderson and his truck. Originally a purple 2000 W900L, Chris had to sell his truck when he was diagnosed with stage 4 terminal throat cancer. After going through intense radiation and chemotherapy treatments and losing over 100 pounds, Chris managed to beat the cancer and get back on the road.

One day, while driving in Indiana, Chris spotted a truck in his rearview mirror that looked familiar. It turned out to be his old purple Kenworth, now owned by someone else. After a surprising encounter and some negotiations, Chris was able to regain ownership of his beloved truck.

But the story doesn’t end there. In 2009, Chris’s grandchildren submitted his truck to be featured on the CMT show called Trick My Truck. Out of 250 submissions, Chris’s truck was selected as one of the eight to be transformed by the show’s mechanics. The big reveal was a moment of pure joy for Chris, akin to winning the lottery. The tricked-out truck was even given the name “Survivor” as a tribute to Chris’s triumph over cancer.

Therefore, I have named this truck skin Survivor as well, in honor of all those who have battled and overcome cancer. Let this skin serve as a symbol of strength and support for those facing this disease. Together, we stand with you in the fight against cancer.

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