ATS Packs


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In Version 2.5 of SISL’s Mega for ATS, there are several exciting updates and additions.

Celebrate the season with a refreshed collection of items, thanks to the use of new SCS Blender Tools. Most items now have improved ambient shadows.

Here are the new items:

  • 2x X-Mas Presents
  • X-Mas Tree (SCS version)
  • Santa Girl Bobblehead
  • Futurama: Robot Santa
  • Eiffel Tower Souvenir
  • Dices for Windshield
  • Customizable Key Chain
  • Summoners War Amazon (5 Models)
  • Summoners War Viking (5 Models)
  • Batarang (Because I’m Batman)
  • Eagle Statue
  • Wooden Dragon Statue
  • Donkey Kong Toy
  • Futurama: Bender Bending Rodriguez Bobblehead
  • Flowers for the Windshield
  • Decorative Mirror Hang
  • Set of 4 Decorative Mirrors
  • Peterbilt 389 Toy
  • Retro Computer Toys and Screens
Real Company Box Trailers V2.0.1
WS-4800 V2.0 1.4.X – 1.5.Х Truck

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