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Realistic Calinia Highways v1.1 Map

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Realistic California Highways v1.1 Map

This modification enhances the highways and certain roads in Southern California by providing more realistic versions. It includes additional suburbs, lanes, realistic vegetation, and improved textures. Many of the highway surroundings are now based on actual locations in Los Angeles and San Diego.

The city surroundings have also undergone significant modifications. The mountains in LA have been pushed further back to increase realism.

Interstate 5 (LA) has been modified.
Interstate 15 (LA – Barstow) has been added, introducing a new route.
Interstate 40 (Barstow – Border) has been added as a new route.
Interstate 10 (LA) has been modified.
US101 near I-5 has been added, providing a new section of the map.
Interstate 5 (Carlsbad – San Diego) has been added.
Downtown Freeway (LA) has been modified.
Improvements have been made to CA76 and CA1.
Realistic raised reflection markers have been placed on many roads.
Various road object fixes and bug fixes have been implemented.

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