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Real Physics and Suspension Behaviour v2.0 by MKR Mod

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Real Physics and Suspension Behavior v2.0 by MKR Mod

This modification alters the way truck suspensions behave and also adjusts the movement of the interior camera.

What’s New !?

– In this version (v2.0), I have fine-tuned the overall weight of the cabin and wheels to provide more precise steering, especially on the shorter chassis;
– I have adjusted the brake balance to favor more rear biased braking;
– I have made changes to the pitch and roll factors and damping to create a softer feel for the suspensions;
– The air resistance has been set back to its default value;
– Thrust viscosity characteristics are now more closely scaled to the engine torque;
– I have adjusted the transmission and retarder feel based on the engine rpm.

RECOMMENDED SETTINGS for optimal performance of this modification:
Physical camera movement – ON
Physical camera movement factor – Slide it towards the far right.

Tested on ATS

You are not permitted to modify or upload this modification to other websites!


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