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Real Logo Overhaul Pack

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The ATS Real Logo Overhaul Pack is a growing collection of real-world logos that can be used to replace the in-game facsimiles.

The following changes have been made:

  • MUTT construction equipment changed to CAT
  • Nudged hotel/casino changed to Nugget (Reno)
  • Halley-Davidsoon changed to Harley-Davidson
  • Snow Cap changed to Delgadillo’s Snow Cap (not quite the right font though)
  • ESPN and HBO names restored to Hill Top Motel sign (Kingman)
  • Mr. M’z changed to Mr. D’z (Kingman)
  • Chemron changed to Chevron, with correct Delo ads and credit card ads on station buildings (gas station awnings still read “Chemron” as that’s done via 3D modeling — not textures)
  • Yellow/red gas station given Shell logo (but I haven’t seen this one appear in the game anywhere yet)
  • UDS van changed to UPS
  • BFLM locomotive changed to BNSF (with thanks to QBall3577 for providing the RGB part of the new texture)
  • Dear John 2517 changed to John Deere 8110
  • Komat’s Sun changed to Komatsu (Stockton)
  • Dep Boy changed to Pep Boys (Stockton)
  • Nam Nam Donuts changed to Yum Yum Donuts (Stockton)
  • Deldago Tires changed to Delgado Tires (Stockton)
  • Oakland Shippers changed to Port of Oakland
  • Vine Creek Vineyard changed to Tablas Creek Vineyard
  • Herren Rentals changed to Ahern Rentals
  • Hotel Holiday changed to Holiday Inn (Los Angeles)
  • Cuovo Silver changed to Cuervo Silver (Los Angeles)
  • Mac changed to Jack in the Box (Los Angeles)
  • Drive Aid changed to Rite Aid (Los Angeles)
  • Safe Personal Storage changed to Public Storage
  • Halgreens changed to Walgreens (Reno)
  • Colorado casino changed to El Dorado (Reno)
  • Jarrahs changed to Harrah’s (Reno) including fake “Zone 22” logo to real “Zone 21” logo
  • “Glove” show poster changed to “Love” (Las Vegas) but the game pastes fake text on it
  • The Miracle changed to The Mirage (Las Vegas)
  • Monte Bianco changed to Monte Carlo (Las Vegas)
  • Mandela Bay Hotel changed to Mandalay Bay (Las Vegas)
  • Nailhouse motel changed to Jailhouse (Ely)
  • Hotel Navada changed to Hotel Nevada (still the wrong font and the donkey is the wrong gender! Also, a model change is needed to fix the front sign)
  • Added Greyhound dog logo to Greyhound bus station (Fresno)
  • Martin’s Pub changed to Carl’s Jr. (Fresno)
  • Dream Drink changed to Coca Cola (Fresno)
  • Saskia Motel changed to Sands Motel (Fresno); “MOTEL” font is wrong though
  • Speed 9 changed to Super 8 (Fresno)
  • Penny’s changed to Wendy’s (Fresno)
  • Farland bus changed to Greyhound
  • N-Hool box truck changed to U-Haul
  • CarZone changed to AutoZone
  • FAPA Auto Parts billboard changed to NAPA Auto Parts
  • Araon’s changed to Aaron’s
  • PostEd van changed to FedEx
Aradeth Volvo VNL 670 Arizona Wildc

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