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PROJECT WEST V1.3.1 [1.6.X]

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PROJECT WEST V1.3.1 [1.6.X] ATS for ATS

Project West Map v1.3.1 for Ats 1.6.x game version
“Project West” for ATS is an enhancement of existing roads and the construction
of new ones in California, Nevada, and Arizona. The main goal of this
project, which began in early January 2017, was to improve the main highways of California
and give them a more realistic appearance. Since then, the project has expanded and is
now known as “Project West” because it encompasses more than just the “California highways.”

While some of the roads included in this mod are closed for transit and long-haul
transportation in real life, in the game, you have the choice to drive on them.
They are open for you to explore as you drive through the beautiful national parks of the West.

What changes does the mod bring?
– In Northern California, the changes primarily involve “country roads” and the creation of
Yosemite National Park on Tioga Road (CA 120), as well as minor changes to CA1 south of San Francisco.

Additional changes:
– Improved realistic elevated road markers (road markings)
– Fixed numerous trapping chambers
– Added signs indicating counties on some roads
– Some improvements in San Diego
– Enhanced visual experience at city entrances: brighter lights, city’s light halo, etc.
Roads and highways:
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Already built (California):
– SB I-5 Los Angeles – San Diego
– NB I-5 Los Angeles – CA99
– NB I-15 Los Angeles – Barstow
– NB 1-15 Barstow – Primm
– EB I-10 Los Angeles – El Centro
– EB I-40 Barstow – Arizona border
– U.S 101 – Calabasas – Malibu Exit
– CA1 Improvements
– Several improvements on many roads in SoCal.
– California 74 – I-10 – Carlsbad
– CA 120 – Tioga Road – Yosemite National Park
In progress (California):
– I-10 Eastbound – Palm Springs
– U.S 395 – Lee Vining – Bishop
Planned for the future:
– U.S 395 – Bishop – Lone Pine
– Death Valley National Park
– SB Interstate 15 – San Diego
– Zzyzx Rd, I-15.

– Entrance to Las Vegas – U.S 95
– NB I-15 Barstow – Primm
– NB I-15 Primm – Las Vegas
In progress:
– U.S 93 – Henderson – Boulder City

– Rebuild of Kayenta
Planned for the future:
– U.S 93 – Kingsman – Phoenix
Cities and towns:
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– Laytonville, CA by Bigbearlesson101
– Lee Vining, CA
In progress:
– Boulder City, NV
– Bishop, CA
This map is compatible with C2C and CanaDream maps.
Tested on 1.6.x game version.

stoked_dude Collaborators: hoseclamp72, Bigbearlesson101, brainiac

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