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Peterbilt Enhanced 579 by TomDooley 1.28

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The Peterbilt Enhanced 579 by TomDooley 1.28 is a major revamp of SCS’ stock 579 model, featuring various modifications:

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– In addition to the neglected day cab, the sleepers now come in three sizes: 58″, 72″, and 80″. The 72″ high roof is still available, but with fewer options compared to the “standup” sleepers. You can create a more attractive “high risers” by adding aero parts to the standup sleeper.

– Unfortunately, the 40″ flattop option is not included in this mod.

– All sleepers now have their own interiors, optimized by SCS.

– Fully modular aerokits are available for all sleepers. When combined with GT-Mike’s EPIQ package, you can create other EPIQ cabs. These aerokits include detachable side panels, roof fairing, and cab/sleeper fillers. Optional chrome fillers are also included.

– Various radiator grills are available.

– Different options for sleeper doors.

– Multiple chassis configurations ranging from 4×2 to 8×6.

– Numerous sideskirts, some with light slots (light pack not included).

– A few new bumpers.

– Bull bars, low- and roofgrills with slots.

– Cabin back lights and chrome whale tail.

– Several sets of exhaust stacks.

– Decorative chrome accents for the cab.

– Fenders for dual- and tri-drive.

– Tinted grey acrylic wind deflectors and sun visors.

– Sideflare slot stripes for all cab lengths, with or without pipes gap.

– Optional stock cab antennas.

– Additional blinkers and roof lights for the sleeper side.

– Racks.

– Auxiliary air conditioning / APU.

Please note that this mod is sold “as-is”. Lowered chassis may or may not be compatible with Advanced coupling, depending on the trailer. Parts are not categorized for specific cab or chassis sizes, so choose what fits best. The mod will not be uploaded to the Steam Workshop.

Do not re-upload or repost this mod, especially on sites like modsats. We condemn the actions of “mods68” who steals mods and shares them without permission. You suck!

This mod is based on an SCS model.

Happy Trucking,

P.S.: If you’re unsure whether this mod is intended for ATS 1.28.x, check the version number. If you’re still confused, you probably shouldn’t be playing unsupervised.

P.P.S.: We kindly request that you refrain from making yet another pointless video review. Interested individuals can try the mod out themselves or… well, you get the idea.

TomDooley, Viper, Aradeth, GT-Mike, Pedragon, Solaris36
Reshade v3.0.8 + SweetFX v2.0 Final (Preset v1.7)
Kraz 260 – 6446 / 64431 Mod

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