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Peterbilt 379 v 2.1 Mod

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Peterbilt 379 v 2.1 Mod

Hey everyone, the new version of Peterbilt 379, v2.1, has arrived. This update brings several fixes and improvements. We have a new template for this version and many other changes. Let me walk you through the updates:

  • The interior mirrors have been moved forward for better visibility.
  • The GPS, which was previously on the window, has been repositioned to a more convenient spot near the window, allowing for improved visibility.
  • We have fixed an issue with the chassis, which was causing it to move unintentionally. We are still working on resolving the issue with the hood mirror, and it will be fixed in future updates.
  • All parts and nodes now have English labels, making it easier to understand and navigate.
  • We have also addressed some inconsistencies where certain parts were labeled as “paint” but shouldn’t have been.

In addition to the fixes, we have added some new features:

  • We now have new bow tie visor lights for the front steps, adding a stylish touch to the truck.
  • But the most exciting update of all is the inclusion of the best engines you could ask for – the Mr. Kriechbaum engines. You no longer need an engine pack for this beast of a truck.

The mod has been worked on by various talented individuals and groups:

  • Mindset01 has been the author of this mod.
  • The mod includes viper2 parts, lights, and materials by Nick Reed.
  • Albert Sanchez has contributed by fixing the template, and Matt Sol has also been involved in the project.
  • True Arts Modding, Pinga Truck, and Kriechbaum Engines and Trans have also played a part in the development of this mod.
  • Guidot and KW_driver Trans, as well as Crash Stephens, have provided assistance with the template.
  • Lastly, Cody Pickoski has contributed parts to this mod.

We would like to express our gratitude to the following individuals for their contributions:

  • Ivan (hardtruckisthebest)
  • Chris (formerly bay0net)
  • Tim (polarexpress17)
  • Jon (Cascadia)
  • Mars812
  • Coalminer
  • Classick
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