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Pete 579 Stephen King V 1.0

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Pete 579 Stephen King V 1.0 for ATS

Hello Modder and truckers,
After a long absence, I am finally back.

This time, I am excited to share with you my first official ATS skin.

Inspired by the incredibly talented author Stephen King, I have spent the past 15 hours creating a Stephen King-themed skin.

On the Peterbilt 579, you will find depictions of various characters, animals, vehicles, and even a clown from different films.

One side of the truck showcases a picture that represents my absolute favorite work – “The Dark Tower”. The images I used were sourced from the internet, including some from fanfiction.

I’m sure that fellow Stephen King fans will instantly recognize the images and their respective movies, so I won’t bore you with a long list here.

There is one interesting feature, though – a “double occupancy”. On the roof of the stand-up Sleeper, you can spot the guys from “Stand by Me”, while on the roof of the Hi-Rise Sleeper, you’ll find a chilling depiction of “Pennywise”.

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