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No Police No Fines Mod

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No Police No Fines ATS Mod

NoPolice & No Fines mod for the new American Truck Simulator. You can drive over red light, ignoring speed limits, do crashes without getting charged for that:

1. Just put this file to your mod folder under C:UsersYOUR_USERNAMEDocumentsAmerican Truck Simulatormod
2. Open game and go to Mod Manager
3. Activate the NoPolice Mod, then save changes.
4. Load your Savegame. It might tell you “your game could be damaged by activating this etc.” Just press load and ignore it, it will work!
5. DONT USE THIS ONLINE (could cause bans no guarantee)
6. Have fun

Trailers Pack v 1.0 Standalone (+/- 60 skins) Mod Trailer

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