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Mulyiplayer Ready T680 Hybrid

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Multilayer-Ready T680 Hybrid for ATS

This pack includes 7 variations of the T680 in 6 different colors, featuring elements from the W900 and 579 models. These trucks are specifically designed to be used in multiplayer mode. Each truck is equipped with the W900 bumper, 579 grill guard/stacks, and the 625 Cat motor/13 speed transmission.

It is important to note that customization is not recommended, as it will reset all the installed parts. Furthermore, only one SCS file should be used at a time. Once you have downloaded the pack, select the desired configuration and color. Add the corresponding file (or all files) to your mod folder, but activate only one. Start the game in single player mode, purchase the truck from the dealer, and save your game. Then, switch to multiplayer mode to enjoy a customized truck that is different from the standard W900.

SCS, Tneggs[Kansas]
Uncle D Logistics Kenworth W900 Mod Skin
AI Traffic Pack v 1.2

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