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The Modified Peterbilt 389 V2.1 1.28 for American Truck Simulator has been updated with several improvements and additions. The changelog for version 2.1 includes:

  • Fixed the truck width and all necessary parts such as the fender, bumper, and mudflap hanger.
  • Rearranged all headlight models and added new 389 style headlights.
  • Included a few headlight accessories and new fender bars/blinker bars.
  • Added new steps, including 379 classic style and 389 style with dpf box.
  • Added new mirrors, specifically the door mounted 379 style.
  • Included an external 379 style interior and a round door window for the 379 style interior.
  • Changed the truck paint material and all painted parts.
  • Added new bumpers and LED lights.
  • Fixed the cab models by fixing normals, removing double vertices, and proper edge splitting.
  • Changed front bumper variants and added paint window trim.
  • Introduced a new type of selectable antennas.
  • Added new variants of DEF tank combo, including painted and short variants.
  • Added steps as a tank accessory.
  • Rewritten all addon hookups to prevent conflicts with other mods.
  • Added new exhausts and light slots to some sun visors.
  • Included new cabin racks (models by bansheewoj) and a deeper sidebar.
  • Added a retro roof wing for daycabs and flattop sleeper.
  • Added support for the Heavy Haul DLC front banner and flags.
  • Updated engine sounds with new ones from kriechbaum.
  • Updated engines with torque curves.
  • Removed the classic engines, which will be available as a separate addon mod to declutter the engine selection in the main truck.
  • Fixed some engine specs and other bugs.
  • Added some new bugs (presumably fixed as well).
Reshade v3.0.8 + SweetFX v2.0 Final (Preset v1.9.1)

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