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Mexuscan v 1.11 Mod

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The Mexuscan v 1.11 Mod is a modification that enhances the gameplay experience in the game. However, it is important to note that the Coast 2 Coast mod is required in order to play, otherwise the game may crash.

This mod has a priority order that should be followed. The Mexuscan mod should be installed first, followed by the Coast 2 Coast mod.

An important note to keep in mind is that as of September 7th, Coast 2 Coast 1.8 may not be completely compatible with ATS 1.4 and Mexicali 1.0. In order to play with ATS 1.4, it is recommended to open Coast 2 Coast 1.8 with Winrar and delete the game_data.sii file located in the /def/ folder. However, please note that this may not resolve all bugs.

The Mexuscan v 1.11 Mod brings several improvements and features, including compatibility with ATS 1.4, the removal of the Mexico part, compatibility with Mexicali and Interstate 10. Additionally, it fixes the speed limit and fuel prices for each province (thanks to Mantrid), upgrades the background world map by m1keY, and reworks Halifax and Fort McMurray. It also adds Nome and Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec and Ottawa (contributed by Bigbearlesson101), and license plates by BEARlyThereCDN. Special thanks go to PitbullTasja and BEARlyThereCDN for their assistance.

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