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MAN TGX V7.1 FS17 Mod

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The MAN TGX V7.1 FS17 Mod is a truck mod for American Truck Simulator version 1.28.x. It is important to note that this mod is not compatible with older versions. The truck can be purchased from Kenworth, Peterbilt, and Volvo dealers. The mod includes 16 interchangeable sound mods specifically designed for this version of the truck. These mods do not affect the gameplay and can be used at any time. Simply exit the game, connect or replace one of the 16 mods, and then continue playing. It is recommended to use only one mod from the 16 available options, and ensure that it is installed above the truck mod. The mods are packed in an archive called, which is approximately 45mb in size. Please note that the mod incorporates parts from other mods, such as Kriechbaum, with unknown authors.

Reshade v3.0.8 + SweetFX v2.0 Final (Preset v1.7)

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