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Man TGX + Interior + New Sound v1.0 (v1.6.x)

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The Man TGX + Interior + New Sound v1.0 (v1.6.x) is a modification for American Truck Simulator that offers various features and enhancements.

Features of the mod include an independent truck model with detailed exterior and interior. The mod also adds animation to certain parts of the interior and ensures that the character sits correctly in the driver’s seat.

Players have the option to choose from different wheels configuration, color body, metallic, and skin. They can also choose the chassis, transmission, and power engine that suits their preference. The mod also includes the correct positioning of the Man logo.

In terms of functionality, the mod ensures that the headlights, brake lights, tail lights, front and rear turn signals, steering wheel, and reverse signals are all in working condition. It also supports all major functions of the game.

In addition to the visual and functional improvements, the mod introduces a new sound for a more immersive gameplay experience. It also modifies two engines for more realistic performance.

Players can purchase the Man TGX + Interior + New Sound v1.0 (v1.6.x) from Peterbilt and Kenworth dealers. The mod is compatible with game version 1.6.x and has been tested to ensure smooth compatibility.

The changes made by bobo58 include error corrections, a revamped sound system with protected sound files, and redesigned dipped and main beam headlights. Additionally, the reverse lights now illuminate the room for maneuver when driving backwards.

SCS Software, bobo58
Melton Truck Lines Mod
Bra2S’s rework of Kriechbaum and game sounds Mod

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