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The MACK ULTRALINER TRUCK (ATS Version) is now available. It has been tested on ATS 1.5.x. You can also find the ETS2 version on ETS2.LT.

What’s new in this update:

– You can now purchase the truck at the PETERBILT dealership.

– The truck has been adapted to the 1.5.x ATS game version.

– Numerous fixes have been made to the 3D model.

– The weight of the 3D model has been reduced for better FPS performance.

– Additional options for fenders have been added.

– Air horns and new sounds have been included.

– More engine options and corresponding sounds have been added.

– New transmission options are now available.

– The dashboard now has a new wood texture.

– The background of the analog clock has been fixed.

– The left mirror has been fixed.

– The speedometer and tachometer are now more accurate.

– New rear LED lights have been added.

– You can now customize the license plate by editing the file “vehicle/truck/custom/”.

– The gamelog is now clean with no warnings.

– There is a SiSL Megapack addon available.

– And various other improvements and updates.

Elaman, Gazila, Fenix, Mahad110, Luis Esqueda, Kriechbaum. Updated and upgraded by CyrusTheVirus (1.5.x game version).
RTA Container Chassis Paint Trailer
Mack Pinnacle Truck

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