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Kw900 XXL V1.3

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Kw900 XXL V1.3 for ATS

It is here and functioning properly, tested and running smoothly. This truck is still in need of skilled authors to make improvements. I apologize for any issues that may be present, as I am not an expert in this area. There were a few things that couldn’t be made to work, but I am happy to report that there are no longer any crashes on the menu screen. You have the ability to customize the tires, rims, paint, engine, and transmission. However, it is important to note that this truck was built on the Phantom Truck base, so it cannot be activated. As I mentioned before, it works well for now, but we are still in need of authors to take it to the next level. 508Studio worked on the interior design and made some improvements on the exterior as well.

Frankenstein Mod, 508Studio
GTM Peterbilt 579 EPIQ Aerokit V1.4 fixed badges Mod
Improved windshields ()

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