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A review of the KENWORTH W900L BIG BOB EDITION V3.0 [1.29.X] MOD Mod

This model is self-sufficient, it doesn’t amend the standard W900l
It’s accessible for purchase at the Kenworth cabin

Updates in versions 2.0 and 3.0

The SCS’s default model is revised and rectified.
– 3 cabin variants are available: The default (Aerocab Sleeper 72 inch)
enhanced with vents (Aerocab Sleeper 72 inch) and expanded from the factory (Studio Sleeper 86 inch).
–The default day cab and its frame were removed.
–3 types of sleeping bags corresponding to the cabs are in the interior.
*–The interiors in external models are switched to high-definition internal ones.
– The opening mechanics of the front windows has been reshaped to match the external model,
The same goes for the canopy mount point.
The windshield is aligned upright, complying with the external model
*–Different frame sizes are available (265,275,285,295,305 inches).
*–Real-life wheel alignment is replicated by reducing the front wheel track.
*–Step, toolbox, auxiliary power (odd_fellow) features can be added via accessories
**–Four new 20-inch bumpers for driver plates have been introduced.
*–In the cabin, 3 CBS stations are fitted, with differentiated materials. The stations have independent slots.
–You can install three different shifting handles in the interior.
*–Truck and interior materials and textures have been largely revamped.
–Now you can notice the antenna on the mirrors bars from inside the cabin.
–Grille tilt aligns with the actual truck’s geometry (by default it is upright).
–The nameplate on the hood is rendered more vibrant red.
–Mirrors on the hood are shrunken by a tenth.
–Suspension on all frames is made more flexible for a pleasant ride rocking more default oak.
–Camera settings in the cabin have been adjusted including 67 fov and other head movement parameters.
–The camera’s adjustment range has been expanded, initially the camera couldn’t be set close enough to the dashboard.
*–Standard radio model has been replaced by the odd_fellow model with adjusted materials. The radio has a separate slot.
–Instrument lights have been revamped.
*- The Exclusive salons and Smoke devices got a blue-lit setup by PIVA.
**–Standard salon has a yellowish lighting and a regular computer
**- Accessory package anchor points for SISL are added (my version of the package that comes with this mod)
*–Engine color can be customized.
–Headlight materials are now separate from cabin Windows.
–Glass reflection on the internal and external model has been adjusted.
*–Bumper plate that can be custom labeled.
*–Oversize flags have been re-positioned to the bumper.
*–Wing ends of the hood, now have a more rounded look compared to the standard.
**–7 grill hood options available
**–5 sun-shield visors have been added.
**–Kriechbaum sound & engines have been adapted.
**–Exhaust emits smoke.
**–Cabin lights can be operated through “u” button
**- among other features…
*–A variety of details are attached to specific items and will remain inactive on others.

Pack by Omenman v 12.5

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