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The version 2.0 update of KENWORTH W900L BIG BOB EDITION [1.29.X] MOD Truck

* Here’s what’s new in version 2.0:
Default model SCS has been revised and corrected.
– Three cabin types are available: the standard (Aerocab Sleeper 72 inch),
the vent-inclusive (Aerocab Sleeper 72 inch), and factory-expanded (Studio Sleeper 86 inch).
– The default day cab and its frame were eliminated.
– Three sleeper bags in the interior correspond to the cabins.
*– The interiors in the external models are switched out for high-definition versions.
– The shape of the opening front windows has been altered to match the external model.
Coincidentally, the mounting point for the canopy aligns with the external models as well.
The windshield stands more upright, echoing the external models.
*–Five frame length options are available:
265 inches (3 types), 275 inches (3 types), 285 inches (1 type), 295 inches (1 type), and 305 inches (1 type).
*– The front wheels track is narrowed to replicate real-life models.
*–Added steps, toolbox, auxiliary power (odd_fellow) under accessories.
*–Three newly modeled bumpers (20 inches) allow space for driver plates.
– A new 12-inch V-style visor is added.
*– The CBS station (created by odd_fellow) now enhances the interior aesthetics. Materials have been repurposed for the station and it stands in a separate slot.
– Two styles of shift levers (by odd_fellow) are added to the interiors: one stock and the other – an elongated, customizable extra.
*– Truck and interior materials and textures have been reconfigured almost entirely.
– The interior now includes antenna bars on mirrors.
– The grill geometry has been tilted to more accurately imitate real-world models (it’s vertical by default).
– Enhanced the red nameplate on the hood with brighter colors.
– Hood mirrors reduced by 10 percent.
– Suspension with softer setting on all frames, providing a much-needed smoother ride.
– The camera in the cabin has been reconfigured; 67 FOV and other head-turning aspects.
– The calibration range of the camera has been expanded.
*– The default radio model has been substituted with an odd_fellow model, and materials have been properly arranged. The radio stands in a separate slot.
– The illumination of the instruments has been reconfigured.
*– Exclusive saloons have blue device lights.
*Additional anchor points for accessory SISL’s pack are included (the original MEGAPACK SISL is required).
*– The truck engine’s paint job is self-customizable.
– Headlights material is separate from the cabin windows.
– The reflection of glass in the cabin and in the exterior model has been adjusted.
*– Unique bumper and cockpit plates, which allow for text< writing, are included and placed in three locations across my bumpers.
*– Oversized flags moved to the bumper.
*– The hood wing tips have been rounded further than the default.
*– A range of details are attached to specific accessories, and will not be seen on others.

My heartfelt gratitude to; SCS, and modellers; odd_fellow, SISL – whose objects were utilized in this mod.

Tested on version s


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