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Interstate 10 Remix

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A Remixed Version of Interstate 10 for ATS

First and foremost, credit goes to Rickpp for creating this map. However, 508Studio has added some additional features to enhance the overall experience. We have dubbed this version the “remix”.

Here are some of the new upgrades:

1) Interstate 87 now boasts improved scenery. Although the Walmart is not yet open, we hope that Rickpp can incorporate it into the mod to further enhance the experience.
2) Houston now features a functional farm on Interstate 87.
3) Atchafalaya has two businesses that are currently not operational. We hope that Rickpp can bring them to life in the future.
4) Additionally, you can now own a garage in LOUISIANA RACEWAY, complete with a repair shop.
5) We have also fixed a guardrail that was obstructing all westbound lanes and the eastbound fast lane in San Antonio.

We encourage Rickpp to continue using and improving the mod, while 508Studio focuses on customizing your trucks and skins.

Rickpp 508Studio upgrades
Beacons all trucks v1.6 Part

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