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A comprehensive change in INTERIOR/EXTERIOR REWORKS MEGAPACK V1.2.1 FS17 designed specifically for ATS

Distinguished Features
– This modification significantly enhances the textures and materials of all interiors and exteriors for standard trucks
– It introduces the previously missing glass in front of the dashboard panels
– It makes available the earlier missing Eaton Fuller gear shifters for all ordinary trucks
– It offers the option to turn on/off the onboard GPS
– It incorporates new animations for integrated navigation displays
– It provides the opportunity to install Cobra 29LTD cb radio (available with varying front panel themes and backlighting colors) with an animated cord
– It has adjusted interior cameras for broadened view angles
– It includes an appropriate dashboard backlight for all trucks
– It allows choosing interiors with either MPH or KMH speedometers
– It introduces unique windshield wipers modes
– It makes the modification compatible with SISL’s accessories megapack for all standard trucks
– It enhances lightmasks for all standard trucks
– It involves few other marginal amendments

The modification was evaluated on version 1.29.x. It was not tested with earlier versions!

1. You can craft your unique front panel theme for the Cobra cb radio by editing the following texture:
2. If you wish to use SISL’s accessories modification with this mod, then install only the main mod package and avoid installing the SCS Trucks add-on for ATS
3. If you intend to use this modification with my physics mod for ATS, then ensure this mod is prioritized over the physics mod.

Update log for version 1.2.1 (02.01.18):
– Included backlight for built-in navigation devices
– Fixed the issue of black Eaton Fuller gear shifts medallions during the night
– Introduced interior lamp backlight for remaining trucks
– Corrected the material of the outside windshield and door glass for Peterbilt 389
– Added shade for the side sleeper window of Peterbilt 389
– Introduced normal maps for all exterior interior models
– Exclusive interiors of all trucks will now use a different, pricier Kenwood radio model
– Other minor improvements.

AlexeyP, SCS Software
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