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GSC Weather v2 – based on Piva Weather

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The GSC Weather v2 is an improved version of the Piva Weather ATS. It comes with several changes that enhance the overall weather experience:

– Updated HDR profiles without bloom

– Sun profiles for day, night, and colors

– Corrected latitudes for the Dalton map, resulting in accurate sun profiles

– Accurate latitude adjustments for the Mexuscan Winter (Alaska) climate, improving sun profiles

– Smoother 5-degree weather steps for the Dalton map, maintaining a 1:1 time to map scale ratio

– New black point for both day and night

– Updated white point and grey for day, providing a more visually pleasing experience

– Enhanced HDR effects for the sky during daytime

– Adjusted and improved colors where necessary

– The mod is aesthetically appealing

– Bonus free gift includes an awesome icon

– Pivas flares for vehicle lights are also included, as they complement the mod perfectly

GSC – original by Piva
GTM Peterbilt 579 EPIQ Aerokit V1.4 fixed badges Mod

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