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Government Access Tunnel v 1.0

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Confidential Government Passage 1.0 ATS

Have a crucial shipment from the west coast that was supposed to be on the east coast yesterday? (or the other way around)
Want to speed it over unhindered by law enforcement, avoiding standard traffic?

Ever heard of the concealed, extensive tunnels across the US run by the government?
Undoubtedly, it’s an exclusive passageway, devoid of any AI traffic. Since these tunnels are unbeknownst to GPS, they don’t mar the aesthetic of the main map.
No need to scout for a rest stop. Just take a nap right on the road!

Coming from the maker of “Tail of the Dragon” in Coast to Coast v1.7……..
Naturally, like all covert things, these routes remain unnoticed on the map and your GPS, but rest assured, they exist.
These tunnels won’t appear in your GPS mapped out routes. They can only be discovered visually.

The entrance/exit from the west coast is in Las Vegas Nevada, the central point is situated northeast of Oklahoma City on I44 (Fayetteville central hub), and the east coast entrance/exit is in Raleigh North Carolina.

To identify any of the entries/exits, check out my videos or experiment in discovering them by yourself.
The speed limit is a thrilling 110mph!
While it might be a lengthy plain ride, you will surely get to your destination swiftly!

I have also included some Interstate 10 scenery upgrades to C2C v1.7 in Louisiana, my home state, and Mississippi:

1. Atchafalaya basin bridge alongside swamp
2. Huey P. Long bridge situated in New Orleans, along with replaced embankments
3. Beaches of the Mississippi Gulf Coast (actually the US90…but let’s ignore that)

Prerequisites: Coast to Coast v1.7 by Mantrid

This is not a route for drivers who feel the need to pull over for rest every 8 hours…
It is designed for the relentless “BlackDog” trucker, geared up for a long haul.

A bit of guidance:
Make sure you are fully rested and refueled before setting off.

v1.0 Las Vegas Nevada to Raleigh North Carolina.
v1.1 (anticipated) Miami Florida to Fayetteville Central hub.
v1.2 (forecasted) ??????? to Fayetteville Central hub.

Secret Governmental Tunnel v1.0
Coast to Coast v1.7

Tested and Verified 1.2

USA Offroad Alaska v 1.3 Mod

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