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Introducing the FREIGHTLINER CLASSIC XL V2.0 Truck

Firstly, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to everyone who has contributed to this truck and kept it alive since its initial release. Your efforts are truly appreciated.

This mod is a compilation of various assets, with approximately half of it being my original work. I have invested a significant amount of time into this truck, dedicating countless hours to creating, editing, remeshing, and remastering. I will not delve into all the available options here, as I leave that for you to explore.

In essence, this truck offers two cabins, three engine sound options, and an extensive range of customization features. For a more comprehensive experience, I highly recommend downloading the “Sisl Megapack,” especially if you are using the ATS version.

I have also made an updated UV-map and addressed some issues with the midroof cabin. Therefore, I apologize to all the paintjob makers, as you may need to update most of your mods to ensure compatibility with the midroof option. Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do to rectify this.

If you are playing ETS2 and encounter crashes while in the truck config menu, it may be due to the missing Accessories DLC. However, I personally have not experienced any problems or encountered this crash on my setup.

This truck is available for purchase at the Kenworth/Renault dealership.

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